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                                 Hedrick Construction specializes in new construction, remodeling, renovation and general home improvements.  We offer expert services on projects,

                                 including custom carpentry for home and rental properties, hardwood flooring, cabinets & trim, countertops, drywall, windows, doors, decks, siding and

                                 roofing, additions & garages, repairs & demolition, as well as fire, water and storm damage restoration.

                                 Our company provides you with this many options for creating or updating your home to its full potential such as:

                              • Custom Carpentry for Home & Rental Properties
                              • Decks & Patios
                              • Ramps & Stairs
                              • Windows & Doors
                              • Cabinets & Trim
                              • Additions & Garages
                              • Repairs & Demolition
                              • Attic Access & Ventilation
                              • Indoor & Outdoor Projects
                              • Vinyl Siding
                              • Replacement Windows
                              • Shutters
                              • Gutters Storm Doors
                              • Sliding Doors
                              • French Doors
                              • Traditional Shingle Roofing
                              • Kitchen Refacing
                              • Sheetrock Repair
                              • Tile Repair


                              Hedrick Construction is a full-service home improvement and building company backed by years

                              of experience bringing only the best in quality and craftsmanship to satisfied homeowners. We are proud to provide a full range of remodeling and restoration services as well as new home construction.

                              Hedrick Construction has been around since 1995, so we really mean it when we say we're here to help you. 

                              North Carolina Licensed General Contractor and Fully Insured





                              For all  your home improvement

                              needs, no job too small or too big.

                              EXCEPTIONAL WORK & ATTITUDE


                              Owner operated since 1995, Hedrick Construction is committed to doing superior work, without exception.

                              We've purposely remained a smaller company, as it's better to have fewer jobs and do them well than to have a ton of work and be average. This philosophy is a big reason builders and home owners come to us. Simply put, we're really good at remodeling homes.

                              The reputation our company has is built on exceptional work and an outstanding attitude. Before we get to the meat of a project, we get all our ducks in a row. That's what makes our work stand out. Take a look through our portfolio and see for yourself.

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